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Date Event
7-10 December 2010 Helsinki, Finland 2010 Euro-Africa Week on ICT Research and e-Infrastructures
(suppprted by eMobility who is associated partner of the event)
Dec. 7-8, 2010 - 3d Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research
Dec. 9-10, 2010 - 2010 Euro-Africa e-Infrastructures Conference"
Dec. 10, 2010 - Lab visits
29 Nov - 1 Dec 2010
Tokyo, Japan
Internet of Things
Deadline for Call for Papers: 1 June 2010
16-18 November 2010 Newbury, UK WWRF Meeting 25
4-5 November 2010 Berlin, Germany FOKUS Media Web Symposium
18-20 October 2010 Brussels, Belgium Future Networks 6th FP7 Concertation meeting
Dr Fiona Williams will make a presentation on eMobility
14-15 October 2010 Berlin, Germany 1st FOKUS FUSECO Forum on Future Seamless Communication
Invitation Flyer
27-29 September 2010
Brussels, Belgium
ICT 2010
The eMobility European Technology Platform is pleased and honoured to inform you that Ms. Catherine Trautmann, Member of the European Parliament, was giving the opening speech during the networking session entitled "Smart European Cities - the killer application for ICT!" which was held during the ICT2010 Event  on 29 September 2010 from 11:00 to 12:30 in room T 009.
Ms. Trautmann is a member of the Board of Governors of the European Internet Foundation, and a member of the ITRE Committee. She is also the former mayor of Strasbourg in France. Other distinguished speakers in this session include Mr. Srdjan Krco from Ericsson and Prof. Ina Schiefendecker who will respectively present the experimentation in Santander, Spain, and the potential directions for smart city developments.
Read the short report from this session.
We were also organizing another session entitled “What does the future hold for mobile networks?”. It was held on 27 September from 14.00 to 15.30; details can be found here
Read the short report from this session.
26-30 September 2010
Istanbul, Turkey
PIMRC 2010 -
21st Annual IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
26 September 2010
Istanbul, Turkey
Full-Day Workshop on Green Wireless
In conjunction with the PIMRC2010 a full day workshop on green Wireless "The 'Key' to Next Generation of Mobile Radio Access and Networks Technology" is organised by eMobility
22 September 2010
Brussels, Belgium
Growing GALILEO 2010 - Information Day
17 September 2010
Venice, Italy
Networking meeting for eMobility members
Joint EX-FI/eMobility meeting to help interested organisations develop proposals for Call 1 of the FI-PPP
16 September 2010
Venice, Italy
eMobility General Assembly 6
At the General Assembly, members of eMobility will discuss selected activities of eMobility Working Groups and the Steering Board on the ICT sector and the preparation of Framework Programme 8 for future collaborative research.
16-18 June 2010
Florence, Italy
Future Network & MobileSummit 2010 Conference and Exhibition
15 June 2010
Florence, Italy
Pre-Conference eMobility Workshop
Presentations from the eMobility Workshop
31 May - 1 June 2010
Vilnius, Lithuania
Terena Networking Conference 2010
26 - 28 May 2010
Lusaka, Zambia
eLearning Africa 2010
5th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training
23-27 May 2010
Cape Town, South-Africa
IEEE Communications Society's flagship conference: International Communications Conference
20 May 2010
Athens, Greece
Working Group on Leading Edge Applications, 6th meeting in Athens (NCSR)
19 May 2010
Athens, Greece
The 5th Workshop on "Shaping the Future of Mobile and Wireless Communications" (NCSR, Athens)
16-19 May 2010
Taipei, Taiwan
2010 IEEE 71st Vehicular Technology Converence
6-7 May 2010
Vienna, Austria
eHealth 2010
Health Informatics meets eHealth - From Science to Application and back
14-16 April 2010
Valencia, Spain
5th Future Internet Assembly
15-18 March 2010
Barcelona, Spain
eHealth week 2010
3-5 March 2010
Brussels, Belgium
Cable Congress 2010
23-24 February 2010
Brussels, Belgium
High Level Event on ICT for Energy Efficiency
25-27 November 2009
Maputo, Mozambique
1st International ICST Conference on e-Infrastructure and e-Services for Developing Countries
26 November 2009
London, UK
2nd eMobility Green Wireless Workshop, jointly with Mobile VCE
24-27 November 2009
Stockholm, Sweden
ICSOC - ServiceWave 2009
23-24 November 2009
Stockholm, Sweden
FIA - Future Internet Assembly
18-20 November 2009
Ohrid, Macedonia
7th SEEITA and 6th MASIT Open Days Conference
Presentations on eMobility activities as an Open Session in the event
19 October 2009
Beijing, China
Future Networks Workshop
Event in co-located with the WWRF conference - open to representatives of fora
13 October 2009
Brussels, Belgium
ETP Leaders meeting. 45 platforms invited
9 October 2009
Brussels, Belgium
SFERA Annual Conference
1 October 2009
Brussels, Belgium
EuroAfrica-ICT, 7th Concertation Meting
29 September2009
Brussels, Belgium
eMobility SRA discussion session at the Concertation meeting: The Commission has given the opportunity to have a session where project leaders can provide input to the eMobility SRA Version 8, which will be published in Q4 this year. The Chairman of the eMobility Expert Advisory Committee is the representative of eMobility in the discussion with the project officer on the agenda for the event.
8 September 2009
Brussels, Belgium
Digital World Forum Workshop on "Applying Low Cost Information Access Devices (LCIADs) in Fostering Social and Economic Development"
The workshop is targeting interested members of European Technology Platforms
4 September 2009
Brussels, Belgium
Working Group on Leading Edge Applications, 5th meeting in Brussels, Belgium (Ericsson)
Draft Agenda (v1)
3 September 2009
Brussels, Belgium
eMobility GA#5
1-3 September 2009
Berlin, Germany
Future Internet Symposium 2009
Prof Rahim Tafazolli represented eMobility
22 June 2009
Brussels, Belgium
FP7 Call 5 proposal coordination workshop (organised by eMobility)
17 June 2009
London, UK
FP7 Call 5 Collaboration - Future Networks  This is a joint eMobility - DC-KTN event
Prof Rahim Tafazolli was keynote speaker
14-18 June 2009
Dresden, Germany
eMobility will have a stand in the exhibition.
10-12 June 2009
Santander, Spain
ICT-MobileSummit 2009
2-3 June 2009
Vancouver, Canada
Workshop in Future Internet, organised by eMobility and WWRF
20 May 2009
Madrid, Spain
Working Group on Leading Edge Applications, 4th meeting in Madrid. (Telefonica, Spain) 
Draft agenda (v3)
19 May 2009
Madrid, Spain
4th Workshop on "Shaping the Future of Mobile and Wireless Communications"
Programme (v5 draft)
11-13 May 2009
Prague, Czech Republic
Future Internet Conference
7-8 May 2009
Prague, Czech Republic
Research Connection 2009
In addition to reviewing FP7, the event will also show how to participate in the Structural Funds 2007-2013 and the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).
Draft programme
5-7 May 2009
Paris, France
22nd meeting of the Wireless World Research Forum
4 May 2009
Paris, France
FP7 Call 5 proposal coordination workshop (organised by eMobility)
26-29 April 2009
Barcelona, Spain
69th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference Spring 2009 (IEEE VTCSpring-2009)
25-26 March 2009
Brussels, Belgium
Karl Schattauer will represent eMobility and make a presentation.
19 March 2009
Mobile Communications: The art of the possible
Presentation by eMobility
22-23 January 2009
Brussels, Belgium
Paradiso Open Conference
ICT for a global sustainable future international conference
22 January 2009
Budapest, Hungary
A Proposers' Day will be organised to prepare for the next FP7 Call 5
10-13 December 2008
Madrid, Spain
ServiceWave 2008
Download Programme (pdf)   Download Flyer (pdf)
9-10 December 2008
Madrid, Spain
Future Internet Assembly meeting. Registration and general information.
Participation at the event is restricted to 3 people per active Framework Programme project.
1-2 December 2008
Brussels, Belgium
2nd EU-Korea Cooperation Forum on ICT Research, Co-organisers: EC DG INFSO + MKE South Korea
This 2-day cooperation event is co-organised by the European Commission (DG Information Society and Media) and the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE), Korea with the support of the COJAK project, a coordination and support action under FP7 aiming at further developing strategic cooperation between Europe and South Korea on ICT Research.

This forum is a follow-up event to the one successfully held on June 16-17, 2008 in Seoul; having attracted almost 300 delegates from organisations active in the ICT field coming from throughout Europe and South Korea and interested in developing ICT R&D cooperation projects in areas of mutual interest.

Attending this event will enable you to:
- network with key stakeholders in the ICT research field
- identify potential cooperation partners
- tie up to and strengthen contacts already established thanks to the June’s EU-Korea forum
- present your ICT research project to a high-level audience
- learn more about the 7th EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7)

Download Event brouchure

25-27 November 2008
Lyon, France
ICT 2008 "I" s to the future: Invention, Innovation, Impact
eMobility will have an exhibition stand jointly with NEM, ISI and NESSI and has proposed several networking sessions for the event.
22-24 October 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
17 October 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
eMobility Working Group Applications meeting (morning)
16 October 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
eMobility GA#4
Come to our GA to hear the latest information on the European Commission plans for Calls 4 and 5 directly from a Senior European Commission official, to get an update on the activities and plans of eMobility, and to meet potential partners for research proposals.
13-15 October 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
Wireless World Research Forum - WWRF#21
As we approach 2009 and the second decade of the 21st century, new opportunities, strategies and research perspectives have been generated by the identification of new frequency spectrum for future mobile broadband networks, the start of large scale research on the Future Internet and the increasing impact of climate change on global society. The WWRF meeting in Stockholm gives you the unique opportunity to present your latest research results and visions on all areas of mobile and wireless communications, and to discuss them with colleagues from industry and academia from around the globe. At this WWRF meeting, working group sessions continuing the work of WWRF on radio, network and service perspectives will be complimented by a series of plenary sessions which will provide an overview of global activities in relation to the Future Internet and also to the challenges and opportunities of developing sustainable communications adding value to the role of ICT in addressing climate change issues. We would like to invite you to come to this meeting to get an overview of the world's leading thinkers on these hot topics and to network to form new international initiatives!
15 October 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
eMobility Working Group Applications, 3rd Workshop (full day)
The Working Group on Leading Edge Applications will have its 3rd Workshop and 3rd Meeting, right before and after the General Assembly, in Stockholm, i.e., Oct. 15th and Oct. 17th, respectively. This 3rd Workshop intends to continue the trend of the previous ones, that is to say, to have speakers from application areas, addressing the topics from their viewpoint, and contributing to have a global perspective on services and applications, beyond the pure engineering approach. The workshop will focus on Health & Inclusion, Transport, Environment, and Future Internet. At the 3rd Meeting, the status of the SAA (Strategic Application Agenda) will be discussed, as well, as further contributions towards the final draft of this document. Additionally, links with other entities outside eMobility will be addressed as well, not only at the level of providing contributions, but, also concerning expert group participation.
9 October 2008
Brussels, Belgium
09 Oct 2008, 09:00-10:45
Regions of Knowledge: Synergies in EU funding opportunities for research, development & innovation
9 October 2008
Brussels, Belgium
09 Oct 2008, 09:00-13:00
Spreading the social and economic benefits of broadband
6-9 October 2008
Brussels, Belgium
OPEN DAYS 2008 European Week of Regions and Cities, organised by the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the European Commission's Regional Policy Directorate General
6-7 October 2008
Brussels, Belgium
Euro-Southeast Asia Cooperation Forum on ICT research
“eMobility” parallel session on Oct. 7 from 11:00 to 12:30.
Dr. Hendrik Berndt, DoCoMo represented eMobility
29 Sep - 2 Oct 2008
Brussels, Belgium
Broadband World Forum Europe
16 September 2008
Cannes, France
eMobility organise a Special Session S8 at PIMRC, more info
15 September 2008
Cannes, France
Workshop on the important theme of Efficiency - 'Key' to Next Generation of Mobile Radio Access Technologies"
The workshop will be held in conjunction with 19th IEEE PIMRC
The aim is to provide an open and timely discussions/presentations of potential techniques and technologies that individually or collectively can lead to major enhancements in spectral and capacity efficiencies of future systems whilst minimising delivery cost per bit .
The presentations will include some results from the ongoing research programme of MVCE on "Efficiency" as well as results of some EU funded projects in Framework Programmes 6 and 7.
8 September 2008
Lapland, Finland
W-GREEN 2008 - 1st International Workshop on Green Wireless
"Workshop on energy efficient and low interference emission wireless technologies."
4 September 2008
Budapest, Hungary
Platforms for Future IT - International Conference
10-11 July 2008
Salzburg, Austria
1st European Workshop on Mechanisms for Mastering Future Internet. More info...
26 June 2008
Brussels, Belgium
5th EuroAfriCa-ICT Concertation Meeting
16-17 June 2008
Seoul, Korea
Korea-EU Cooperation Forum on ICT.    invitation letter
12-13 June 2008
Brussels, Belgium
PARADISO International Workshop
Reference document
Registration form
10-12 June 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
ICT Mobile SummitSupported by the European Commission and eMobility
In the context of convergence, the 17th ICT Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit will address the challenges of Future Ubiquitous Networks based on mobile and wireless communications, complemented with fixed infrastructures. The impact of such Future Networks on the underlying Internet infrastructure will in particular be emphasised in the 2008 Summit. Services and applications for billions of users involving trillions of interconnected potentially mobile devices will be addressed at the event. The Plenary on the third day of the ICT-MobileSummit will focus on the Future Internet.
9-10 June 2008
Brussels, Belgium
1st Japan EU Symposium on the "New Generation Network" and the "Future of the Internet"
7-9 May 2008
 Windhoek, Namibia
Euro-Africa ICT meeting
23-25 April 2008
Ottawa, Canada
Wireless World Research Forum - WWRF#20
21 April 2008
Brussels, Belgium
European Technology Platforms and Structural Funds - workshop in Brussels
Karl Schattauer represented eMobility
1-2 April 2008
Bled, Slovenia
Technical Workshops, Future Internet
31 March 2008
Bled, Slovenia
Conference on Future Internet
Week 13, 2008
Tokyo, Japan
X-Forum meeting
13-15 February 2008
 Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
17-18 January 2008
The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) will hold “JGN2 & AKARI Symposium”
Dr Fiona Williams represented eMobility
15 January 2008
Brussels, Belgium
CISTRANA Seminar on ICT Security
12 December 2007
Brussels, Belgium
Seminar with the Industry Leaders of the ETPs
Dr Fiona Williams and Dr Brigitte Cardinael represented eMobility
11 December 2007
Oulu, Finland
Seminar under the FinnWell technology programme. This seminar is connected to ISMICT 2007, arranged by CWC research organisation at Oulu University
eMobility presentation by Prof. Luis Correia
7 December 2007
Thessaloniki, Greece
3rd EPISTEP Workshop
"Delivering the Future of Mobile Communications, Embedded Systems and Nano-Electronics"
29 November 2007
Seminar "Fusing Research and Standardisation for Knowledge and Business"
Magnus Madfors represented eMobility
28 November 2007
Düsseldorf, Germany
Invitation from the Ministry of Innovation, Science, Research and Technology of North Rhine-Westphalia to present the ETP, SRA and future activities of ETP
Karl Schattauer represented eMobility
18 November 2007
Budapest, Hungary
European Technology Platform Conference
14 November 2007
Brussels, Belgium
eMobility Technology Platform, General Assembly #3
Bedford Hotel, Brussels
13 November 2007
Brussels, Belgium
WWI Innovation Day
Bedford Hotel, Brussels
15-16 October 2007
Warsaw, Poland
eMobility members are invited to make contacts in the transport sector
10-12 October 2007
Glasgow. Scotland
European Mobile & Wireless Technology Brokerage Event
eMobility presentation by Dr Fiona Williams
26 September 2007
Brussels, Belgium
EuroAfrica-ICT/START Information Session with ETPs
Dr Fiona Williams represented eMobility
26 September 2007
Rome, Italy
Working Group on Leading-Edge Applications, 1st meeting. Members only
25 September 2007
Rome, Italy
2nd Workshop on Shaping the Future of Mobile and Wireless Communications
4-6 September 2007
Athens, Greece
PIMRC Conference
Slides shown at the eMobility Session:
- The Success of Internet also its failure?
- The EIFFEL Initiative
- Future Internet Post-IP
- Post-IP Internet
5 July 2007
Budapest, Hungary
Workshop on Broadband Communication
eMobility presentation by Dr Fiona Williams
1-5 July 2007
Budapest, Hungary
16th IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit 2007
eMobility represented with an exhibition stand
21 June 2007
Brussels, Belgium
ETP - European Technology Platform leaders meeting
eMobility presented by Dr Fiona Williams and Dr Brigitte Cardinael
22 May 2007
Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany
Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien im 7. EU-Forschungsrahmenprogramm & Europäische Technologieplattformen#
Karl Schattauer made the eMobility presentation
21 May 2007
Coimbra, Portugal
ERCIM eMobility workshop in conjunction with WWIC 2007
Prof Luis Correia, IST Techn. Univ. of Lisbon made the eMobility presentation
15 May 2007
Brussels, Belgium
eInclusion Deployment, Workshop on possible Themes for the CIP ICT Work Programme 2008
Dr Fiona Williams represented eMobility
14-15 May 2007
Brussels, Belgium
Conference "Bridging the Broadband Gap"
Dr Fiona Williams represented eMobility
25-26 April 2007
London, UK
4G Forum, International Forum on 4th Generation Mobile Communication
Dr Fiona Williams, Prof. Rahim Tafazolli and Juha Saarnio represented eMobility
24 April 2007
Berlin, Germany
ICT R&D and Globalisation
Dr Brigitte Cardinael, Dr Werner Mohr and Dr Fiona Williams represented eMobility
Swissotel Berlin
23-25 April 2007
Brussels, Belgium
FIRE (invitation only)
Dr Fiona Williams, Chair of eMobility represented eMobility
23-24 April 2007
Stuttgart, Germany
Wireless Cities Conference
eMobility presentation by Karl Schattauer
22-25 April 2007
Dublin, Ireland
65th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference and VTC 2007-Spring
The eMobility panel session held by Dr Fiona Williams, Chair of eMobility
21-22 March 2007
Rovaniemi, Finland
Pan-Lab workshop "Creating the Pan-European Laboratory - Opportunities and Requirements"
Juha Saarnio represented eMobility
20-21 March 2007
Brussels, Belgium
FP7: Opportunities for SMEs, BICs and Business Support Organizations
eMobility presentation by Brigitte Cardinael, France Telecom
5 March 2007
Brussels, Belgium
EARPA Mobility Workshop
The eMobility presentation made by Dr Fiona Williams, Chair of the eMobility
22-23 February 2007
Berlin, Germany
CELTIC Event 2007
eMobility presentation by Dr. Fiona Williams, Chair of eMobility
13-14 February 2007
Brussels, Belgium
eMobility represented by Dr Fiona Williams, Chair of eMobility
7-8 February 2007
Brussels, Belgium
Launching FP7 Conference for Information Multipliers
eMobility presentation by Magnus Madfors, Ericsson
1 February 2007
Cologne, Germany
Information Day on European IST Research & Development. FP7 – IST Proposers Day
The eMobility presentation by Dr. Fiona Williams, Chair of eMobility
29-30 January 2007 Istanbul, Turkey eMobility Presentation at "European ICT Conference on Research and Technology Development",
The eMobility presentation by Mr. Eric Schutz, STMicroelectronics.
15 January 2007
Bonn, Germany
FP7 Launch Event
15 December 2006
Brussels, Belgium
EC public Information Day on the Future Internet
13 December 2006
Leuven, Belgium
Workshop on Low Power Wireless Communications
Venue: IMEC, Leuven (near Brussels)
12 December 2006
Geneva, Switzerland
3rd Interplatform meeting on Post-IP issues
8 December 2006
Brussels, Belgium
Working Group meeting on Post-IP issue - only for working group members
Venue: Ericsson offices, Brussels
6 December 2006
Brussels, Belgium
Seminar of the Industrial Leaders of ETP: Supporting TPs and the development of Lead Markets
21-23 November 2006
Helsinki, Finland
eMobility was present at IST 2006 Helsinki with an exhibition booth and a Networking Session.
14 November 2006
Heidelberg, Germany
General Assembly 2 of the eMobility Technology Platform
Marriott Hotel, Heidelberg, Germany
(in conjunction with WWRF#17)
3 November 2006
Dublin, Ireland
Seminar on eMobility - the EU Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology Platform
(picture1  picture2)
27 October 2006
Workshop on Post-IP (Next Generation Internet)
23-24 October 2006
Sophia-Antipolis, France
Standards & Interoperability in ICT European Technology Platforms
ETSI, Sophia-Antipolis, France
16 October 2006
Warsaw, Poland
Structural funds for telecomms
13 October 2006
Brussels, Belgium
eMobilty Workshop of the Working Group on "Broadband in Europe"
Closed Workshop - eMobility members only, Brussels
22 May 2006
Bonn, Germany
Workshop Shaping the Future of Mobile and Wireless Communications
19 May 2006
Brussels, Belgium
eMobility Mirror Group meeting took place at Ericsson premises
11 May 2006
Brussels, Belgium
A public Workshop on progressing the Strategic Research Agenda
4-5 May 2006
Vienna, Austria
Austrian Presidency Conference: European Technology Platforms
23 November 2005
Brussels, Belgium
General Assembly 1 of the eMobility Technology Platform
Location: Bedford Hotel and Congress Centre, Brussels
05 April 2005
Brussels, Belgium
Inaugural Meeting of the eMobility Technology Platform
18 March 2005
Brussels, Belgium
Public Launch of the eMobility Technology Platform